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Suzanne we are a team right? brain storming is how greatness is born, I ask friends all the times for edits and how they would say what I am struggling with...
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The forum comments are very uplifting- I like Lina's first draft- thanks for sharing this. My clients who are the most fun to teach are the ones who are happy to be taught technically and relish a challenge , like to achieve the beautiful choreography of the classic work, do their "fun" practise between sessions ( and like to be given things to practise), like to laugh, and- after listening to you today Niedra - I realise these sessions are a meeting of like minds.
I do also love to inspire beginners and seniors- for them to begin with pre- pilates to build stability, centring and flexibility and its such a joy to see them improve (often with seniors to become "pain free" too which is fab). I'm never going to say I am "just a pilates instructor" again.
I'm loving this series.

Caroline B well done !
I  absolutely love these "elevator pitches!"  Thank you for sharing! 
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Great session to work on during my lunch break between classes today. Niedra’s lovely smile has brightened my gloomy rainy Monday in the uk!! Now to work on my elevator pitch 🤔
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This was the hardest session for me, i've never though seriously about which my ideal clients was and what my service is.. I liked to read all the comments. I've just written down the list of the characteristics that i've found in some of my favorite clients in the years. 
Grateful, willing to learn, patient, great potential to improve, constant, happy with their life, take care of themselves, funny,  follow instructions, good vibes, curious and open minded, playful, enthusiastic for life. 
Then I have a thing to say about mat classes and privates/semiprivates. I loove teaching mat classes and ballet classes for ladies, I receive so much energy back. Instead sometimes I feel drained after a private class, like I gave mostly of my energy and I need to regroup with myself. 
Said that, I need to think more about the service, because it feels like I am mostly giving and sharing energy as a service, which sounds kind of weird :- D 😃
Marta this is all good and honest Marta, well done.  Maybe you are better suited to group classes than privates? that is a possibility which may serve you well in designing your business over time... or perhaps you are managing the private focusing in too much on details that are not too easy to apply, perhaps less is more?
In my own experience I used to attempt to download all my knowledge into an hour with a client, knowledge I had accumulated in 30 yearss! I then realized i was unrealistic nad heavy with such a drive to share.  I shifted my priorities ... and amount of expectations and enjoyed privates more...

Just a point to reflect on - figuring out what is going on and how to be the best and happiest within this structure.

Thank you and keep going,
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Niedra Gabriel i've been thinking a lot about what you wrote and actually it is true about being too detailed etc.. and I am letting go a little bit so I am not super drained right after and it is working I am enjoying privates more. 
Marta glad to read this.  well done!
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