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Thanks for a lovely class.  So glad to see you back.  I always love your calm, soothing style.  
This is my favorite class.  Thanks!
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Hi Kristi Cooper, great class. I have one question on a modifier?

For the opening bridge sequence, my reformer (Allegro) doesn't allow for my heels to be on the standing platform of my reformer and my toes to be on the bar at the same time?  Which is better? Only toes on bar or only heels on reformer?

Thanks! I'm new to this website and you're my favorite teacher so far! 

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Loved it! 
Rae Thank you for taking my class and good question!! If it is a new variation for you I would go for more surface area on the bar.  I would choose the heels as the best connection to the rest of your body first.  That said, it may suit you to put the arches of your feet or the balls of your feet on instead.  I try to keep in mind that I am trying to warm up my spine and not let cramping overpower the experience of getting us into class.  I guess I would say do what works while trying to stay in alignment.  I hope that answers your question!?
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