Back to Basics
Meredith Rogers
Class 4166

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Always love Meredith's calm teaching, unfortunately the poor sound quality of the mic is so jarring I had to switch off after 10 mins. 
E Force Shoot! So sorry.
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what a beautiful class. thank you so much
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Thank you so much for this! I just got back on the mat after 8 days in bed with the worst flu ever. This practice is the perfect way to restart gently and mindfully; plus some great cues to try with my own beginner students. You're a star :) 
Nadine E thank you so much.  Hope you are feeling back to yourself.
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I am grateful, Meredith for your knowledge, skills to guide so gently and clear. I enjoy the way you build your sessions and the exercises you use.
The most fabulous thing about you for me is your language. It is uplifting, inspiring and the EASE that is felt in it. I am  absorbing your vocabulary :) I don't know you personally, but I feel that you are a well integrated person. Beautiful!
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This was a brilliant trip back to basics. I felt incredible challenge in the depth of consciousness in each movement. Great workout and cues as always. I loved this. Thank you. 
Liudmyla V that is SUCH a nice thing to say.  Thank you very much.
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Amazing workout and such a good cues with conciseness of each movement. I love description of a feel in a body and visualisations. Amazing. I’ve just signed up ti Basi Mat Teacher training in the UK so I hope I’ll see you there more often. ❤️🤗
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