Reconnect to the Reformer<br>Amy Havens<br>Class 4188

Reconnect to the Reformer
Amy Havens
Class 4188

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Hello Deborah K cesar  Beverly K Vina Jennifer H  -- I missed a few of your wonderful comments and feedback here.  Thank you all for taking class with me and connecting with your Reformer and yourself!  So glad you're here!
Simona K
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Very good overall reformer class.  Very nice clear instructions and pace.  I liked the leg work and explanation which muscle groups are activating throughout the workout. 
Thank you Simona K 
Elizabeth S
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Exactly what I needed after focusing on free weights and HIIT for last six months.  Oh, reformer, I'm in your arms (straps) once again. 
Elizabeth S
...and Amy, great cues and coaching, in a calm but friendly manner.  You never chatter.  I appreciate that.  Just enough. 
Elizabeth S THANK YOU for taking the time to leave these comments!!  Welcome back to your Reformer!!
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Excellent class! It has great flow. 👌🏼🦋😊
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Thank you so much Tracey L !
Kimm H
A friend recommended your class. It was great. Thank you
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