Good Things Come in Three's
Amy Havens
Class 4208

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Loved this! Thank you so much :)
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It's an interesting theme. I've liked the idea of focusing on "doing my best" and on feeling each exercise as there are only 3 reps. It's a nice way to enjoy a variety of exercices and freedom of movement. Thank you, Amy!
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What a wonderful class Amy! Thank you so much, big Irish hello to Luna 
Great class Amy!!
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Thank you Amy, for distracting me from a horrible day with your mindful class!
Katia B , I hope your day got better after moving your body and mind.  Thank you for being with me!
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Had a great time with this one, Amy! Loved ending with the extension of the full swan.  Thank you!
Thank you for taking the time to leave a comment Marissa !
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Again Amy, a winner.  I am always surprised how much your encouragement gets me to do.  I also feel unbothered, if there is such a word, at the exercises that I am no longer able to do.  The imagination is just as powerful a tool use when exercising.  Thank you for your care and thought that goes into your classes.
Cynthia G thank you so much!  I appreciate that you see me and feel my intention as I teach.  I appreciate you taking the time to leave a comment for me also, that means a lot to me as a teacher!
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