Presence on The Mat
James Crader
Class 4448

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Allison O Thank you for deeply "getting it." I can't thank you enough for your thoughtful comment. 
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James Crader thank you for another fun class. Looking forward to many more classes with you when this series is finished. You make exercise so much fun.
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Sue S Thank you! The series is fully complete. You can search for my name and all of my videos should be there … including this 8 video series. 👍❤️
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Following your program here on PA and loving it! Lots of "haha" moments. Felt amazed at how often I tend to shut off to what's going on - in, out and around myself - when I'm in a more automatic mode,  sort of reproducing forms, shapes, movements and failing to "feel what I am feeling" and  to explore new ways of doing things. The task-based approach you use (don't know if I can call it this way, sorry!) invited me to move from different perspectives,  reminding me of possibilities that I, as a trained dancer, tend to dismiss, based on judgements of what's "good or bad" in a number of ways. Felt stimulated to explore different alternatives, out of my "fixed scripts". Thank you, James!
Andrea F Thank you so much! I'd fully agree with the "task-based approach" language. Glad you enjoyed it and had some ah-ha moments. 
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