Coordinating Loop and Band
Misty Lynne Cauthen
Class 4488

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Rebecca R If you can't chuckle during a workout, when can you? 😂Thanks so much for watching!
Thanks Misty Lynne. What a great, creative class! I couldn't start my Friday any better.....
Really great class and different than other TheraBand classes I have done- thank you!!
Thank you so much! Enjoyed every second ☺️
I like most classes at P.A.  But there are only a few I have taken more than once. This is the 4th time I have taken this one. It is a great workout, it is not easy, and it really helps my shoulders.  Thanks Again Misty Lynne!  PS I also get a kick out her figures of speech~ "Be the Boss of your mid-back" and "Get in Touch with your inner motorcycle rider" and just a couple:) 
 Thanks Again Misty Lynne!
I think most instructors have a good sense of humor, but Misty Lynne  tops them all:)  I get such a kick out of her. This is not an easy class either and it is also great shoulder therapy. 6th time i have taken this class. Thanks Again Misty Lynne!
Loved this class, thanks Misty Lynne. Great flow, something different at each turn! Cheers, Melissa
Really glad I've found you! Better late than never 😌!!!
Creative with great teaching thanks. Lots of new ideas:)

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