Understanding Pilates and the Pelvic Floor (Blog)

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Very reassuring.  Thanks.  Keep the articles coming.  Its a privelege to have access to latest thinking and research.
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love it. don't teach pelvic floor, teach breath!!! wish more people realize it's not all about tightening but also releasing. great article.
Great articule, very easy to digesto and great reminder to our daily lives as movers and as teachers
Thanks Christy 🌷
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I love the analogy of the pelvic floor like an orange half.I am a Womens health phsyio and Pilates instructor and am constantly using the moves we teach in Pilates to promote good pelvic floor function. 
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Thank you for this article Christi. Knowing when to refer to a specialist so we stay in our lane as Pilates teachers is so important.
A wonderful article and so important to keep communicating these vital concepts.  Would just love to see men mentioned too - they too experience pelvic floor dysfunction and many of them don't even know they have one!!  Thank you so much

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