Reformer Jump 1
Sarah Bertucelli
Class 4574

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Thank you Sarah, coming out of months of rehab and this was wonderful for me.  A very big thank you! xoxo
Hi Angela S, I am so pleased this class worked for you.  Keep on moving!  Take care:) 
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That was so much fun Sarah Bertucelli ! And the class felt like no time had passed at all. I love that you include stretching. May I ask where you learned these stretches using the Reformer? Or did you come up with them? :) Thanks again, and I have to catch up on the other classes in this series as well!
Hi Julia R, Love it  when workout time seems to pass too quickly, fun was had!  I am so pleased you enjoyed the stretches.  Adding more and more stretching these days seems so needed.  Yes.  I made them up.  By exploring what my body and my clients bodies need, I like to find ways to achieve using apparatus.  Take care:)  
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I love your classes Sarah and this jumpboard is no exception. Zesty and fun. Thank you so much :)
Thank you Christine S ! Hopefully you had a happy holiday season.  Take care:) 
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Just what I needed today. Thanks 
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What cueing Sarah … and thank you for always letting us know what color springs! Aloha!
Thank you Jennifer H !  Aloha and take care:) 
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Thank you for another great class! You are one of the teachers in my regular rotation because your classes are always fun and engaging!
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