Mind-Body Concentration
Erin Wilson
Class 4815

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This class was awesome! I have extreme inflexibility in my hamstrings and lower back and your modifications here helped me find ways to do exercises that weren’t uncomfortable and allowed me to understand better where my struggles are. I feel great!
Taylor thank you so much for your feedback! What a joy to feel more successful in the exercises and find better awareness in your body 🙏🏻. I am truly grateful this class worked for you! Thank you again!
Lovely class. Really enjoyed it. Especially with the plank with pelvis up hadn’t thought of teaching it like that for those that struggle. Love the saw with diamond legs.
Helen hi! Thank you so much for your feedback and taking the class 😊. I am so happy you found some helpful ways to approach those exercises. Thank you again!
Loving your classes. Thank you for some great ideas and variations with the Roll ups. 
You are so sweet and calm! It was really nice!
Lynn E That’s great! I’m so happy you could explore some variations of the roll up! It can be such a tricky exercise for a lot of reasons. Thank you so much for taking the classes!
Maria B hi! Oh, thank you so much for your generous comment 🙏🏻. I am so happy you enjoyed the class!
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