Movement Exploration<br>Amy Havens<br>Class 4809

Movement Exploration
Amy Havens
Class 4809

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Rachel J
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that was utterly delicious Amy.  thoroughly enjoyed it.  I particularly enjoyed the down stretch ripple flow, wonderful :)
Summer G Taghrid K Michael Mary S Louisa Harris Laura J I'm so happy you all enjoyed this meditative movement session.  Thank you for seeing me and moving with me!
Rachel J rebecca jane Candace Karen J I'm so happy to see all your positive comments about this deep, intentional movement class.  Thank you for being here!
amazing.. best semicircle ever. 
Jenny J
Thank you that was wonderful. As a pilates instructor I rarely have time for myself and that was just what my body needed:)
Jane H
Love, love love!
Thank you for this lovely meditative class, Amy! I’m recovering from a procedure on my back so this was a lovely way to get back to Pilates. BTW: I appreciated the way you broke down “tendon stretch.” I felt much more accomplished when I did it on the yellow spring.
Jill Y
I loved this video. Very calming ♥️
Amy you made me fall in love with the FLOW of pilates again.  I thoroughly enjoyed how you gently moved from easy to more difficult with each piece.  My body and mind both thank you!  Wonderful experiential class!
David B
Beginner class in the intermediate category.  Or maybe we just need an intensity category we can use to filter classes?
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