Hip Mobility Circuit<br>Courtney Miller<br>Class 4857

Hip Mobility Circuit
Courtney Miller
Class 4857

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Michele M
Loved the balancing work and lunges!  Super fun to challenge those movements with a moving carriage! Always looking forward to the next class! Thank you both, you were great!!
Loving all the new moves! This is why I come here! Thank you!
Courtney M. is my favorite!! Another GREAT class. Thank you!
Marykate Osullivan
Loved filming this with you Courtney ! So happy to see everyone having a good time and getting that booty challenged !
Sweating!!! ❤️
Thank you ladies.  I love the creativity and the challenge!  Definitely got my sweat on!
Love the whole Circuit 3 program!!!!! Need more like this😊
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