Quick and Athletic Reformer<br>Maria Leone<br>Class 5346

Quick and Athletic Reformer
Maria Leone
Class 5346

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Miri J
short and sweet! :)
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Great Class!  Very creative moves.  Cueing is right on.  THANKS, Maria!
Katie P
Love this class! Thank you
Great class! I love the creativity and the athletic work. I also really like the way Maria cues different options for so many of the movements 
Michele C
Loved how you pushed Miku but you stayed in your zone. The variation was wonderful and challenging!
Amy Z
AWESOME class Maria!!!  Thank you thank you thank you.  

Carmen H
enjoyed the flow and the variations. Pace was perfect! 
Loved this!! Looking forward to more of your content!
Loved this!! Looking forward to more of your content!
Fantastic mini workout! Loved it. Thanks Maria :))
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