Upbeat and Creative Reformer<br>Diane D and Laura H<br>Class 5450

Upbeat and Creative Reformer
Diane D and Laura H
Class 5450

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That was wonderful. You two are terrific.  Brought back memories from my Graham classes years ago. 
Jane H
That was really fun.  I would have liked more instruction for back stroke.  It was assumed we knew what to do.  I had to keep looking up/turning video off to figure it out. 
Moorea P
I really loved the cleopatra exercises, I am definitely going to try these. Diane and Laura videos are my favorite
Lauren S
Such a great class! I love the cue to "scoop through water" when doing the teaser! I found that very helpful. 
Sara P
So nice workout, I loved it 
Anna H
Love this duo! Both of your teaching techniques compliment each other so well and make these videos both challenging and fun. I enjoyed the variation in different movement and sequence of the class. Definitely will be trying these out!
Isabella G
Love watching Laura and Diane teach together! It was nice getting to see some of the different variations and modifications that are possible with each exercise. 
I enjoyed this class! pace is perfect to ensure good set-up & I love the duo Mother/Daughter! thank you so much!
Amandah P
Well, they were a delight! Loved it. 
Brilliant atmosphere and class, thank you!
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