Mat Workout
Sarah Bertucelli
Class 540

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Really enjoyed this class :) & a class you can make as intense as you wish. Love your style of teaching its fab x
This was my first session on my free trial and I LOVED it! My body feels strong, lean and my posture has already improved. I can't wait to do another session tomorrow!
Welcome to Pilates Anytime Sara! Great to hear you're off to a good start!
Thank you for watching and taking the class! See you soon!
This is my favorite class out of the 25 or so I have taken. I have a short attention span and get bored, so I usually cannot finish a class. This one keeps my attention throughout, every time. Thank you!
Hi Susan, I am so happy you enjoyed the class!
Love your energy and enthusiasm...pls do more on PA!
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Sarah, wow. Another amazing class. I love how you guide a person through each movement and I have so much more understanding and knowledge of my body and how it works. Thank you thank you!
Thank you!
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Nice class enjoyed the stretching.
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