Romana's Advanced Mat<br>Brett Howard<br>Class 1010

Romana's Advanced Mat
Brett Howard
Class 1010

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Where is the backbend appearing before opening the video ? 🙃 It almost discouraged me to start.... great video, my goal is to do it perfectly by the end of the confinement !!!! Dancer are killers, from what I remember from my trainings, but you always have a smile in your voice 🙏
This was so hard! Thank you Brett for kicking my Pilates tush. 
Zeren Joy
Cheryl Z
love the flow especially  boomerang crab seal ,thanks. Day six of work long commute really needed to move
Cheryl Z
Got the bar over my feet in teaser. Love High bridge thank you
Cheryl Z
Feel so invigorated. Knees up and heals up well cued
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