Pilates with the BOSU®
Elizabeth Larkam
Class 1015

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Thank you Elizabeth and Norris for such an innovative and interesting routine on the Bosu! I enjoyed each moment!
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A joy to watch as well as hypnotic to hear.
Heartfelt thanks to my Pilates partner Norris and to Kristi Cooper and the Pilates Anytime team for all your support in making this program. Such a pleasure to bring new perspectives to new and familiar moves while applying Pilates principles to the BOSU.
love all of Elizabeth's routines, but always have trouble hearing her. Is there a way to boost volume for her to compensate for her gentle voice?
Thank you Suzie. I'll look into what we can do for you. We don't want you to miss a moment of her rich sentences, full of both humor and tons of information.
Susie, I appreciate your compliment and apologize that it is difficult to hear me. The Pilates Anytime audio engineer is superb. Perhaps he can help? I grew up in a large family and learned at an early age that I could calm myself and others with particular vocal tones. As a teacher I intend to resonate compassion. Next time at PA I'll up the volume.
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Just love Elizabeth's quirky comments throughout her teachings - and so innovative! Thank you so much :)
Elizabeth! I love your lessons! You are ironic and super professional. I'd like to have all your knowledges! You have to come and teach in my Studio when you will come to Italy the next time!!!! Thanks very much!
I would love to be in your studio Cristina. We can do the BOSU dance together! Italy has a very vibrant, intelligent Pilates culture with a dramatic flair. For several years Rome was my second Pilates home. All best to you and your colleagues.
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I cannot get enough of Elizabeth's insight, wisdom, creativity and humor. Her work always illuminates my habitual compensations. Thank you so much!
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