Tower Workout
Lisa Hubbard
Class 1037

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Thank you Lisa that was a very well planned and executed class. I really enjoyed both doing it and teaching it.
Thank you Sharon, I'm happy you enjoyed the 30-min class format & found the cueing to be great~appreciate you!
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Love this quick class! It's the perfect amount of time!
Robyn, I am grateful for your comments. There is so much to offer on the PA site, that I really had to think about it! Not haphazard, but well thought out. Thank you!
Jessie, I am a girl who needs a short but effective workout.. and this is it. Enough time to get it "all in". Thanks for the thumbs-up!!
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Talk about HOT PANTS and a great routine! Loved it! :)
Thank you Robin! Happy you liked the class Pants by Beach Bunny!
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This was my first PA class. Wow, what an introduction ! This felt wonderful all over.
@Beth, First off thank you for choosing to do one of my classes first, I'm highly honored and very happy that it felt good all over!
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This is my favorite tower video on this website. Thanks Lisa for posting it! ~ michele
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