Booty Barre™ Express
Tracey Mallett
Class 1046

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I found this JUST when I needed a cardio workout in a limited time!
Got me sweating, oh yes.
Thank you Tracey:)
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Tracy, that was a really hard workout and pure joy at the same time, I couldn't have asked for more!
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Love it...adding this one to my Booty Barre library! Thanks Tracey & PA. Rock on....all of you
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Tracey is an inspiration! She keeps providing the workouts I need as a busy Mom, wife, and fellow instructor. Love her energy and professionalism!
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Una clase perfecta para mi, un poco de cardiovascular que me hacia falta !!!! Gracias Tracey , I enjoyed a lot
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Tracey rocks...thank you so much, beautiful on the inside and out.
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You are such an inspiration Tracey! Thanks for this lovely class!
Oh, this was fun. I only had a short time this AM so this fit in perfectly. Thanks for express workout!
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Great challenging work out. I love Tracey booty barre, it really shapes up your behind!!!!
Great class - 30 minutes works so well some days!
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