Quick and Creative Theraband<br>Cecile Bankston<br>Class 1081

Quick and Creative Theraband
Cecile Bankston
Class 1081

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Seniors?..control back?..twist?... Wow, they must be hard core.
I thought it was a great 30 minute challenging class with lots of options for the band.
Love you Cecile!
Thank you Kerry!
I just watched this as I'm not feeling well today. This class and Cecile's other new barre mat class are ones that I've been wanting to take. I've taken quite a few of Cecile's classes and really like her classes. After viewing this( and reading the above comments) I'm even more eager to take it. She and her client were totally in sync with each other and I assume they work a lot together. He moves beautifully. I'm not an instructor but I assume when you have a well seasoned client, you don't constantly have to chime in because they know what they're doing which is a testament to the instructors skills. new clients (both to Pilates and the instructor) would require much more verbal instruction obviously. I liked the way cecile led the class, and can't wait to take it.Very creative moves with the band that I've never seen before.
Finally took this class and it did not disappoint! Very challenging and I liked how the class flowed from one exercise to the next. Now going right into Cecile's new foam roller class. Thank you Cecile:)
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I loved this class! It is fun to use new and different instructors to mix it up.
I am a "new" pilatesmat instructor from Norway. Even I CAN THINK on my own!!! Karin, if you do not like this class, you can make your ovn class as perfect as you like it!!! Cecile - I do understand what you meen. Instructors teaches mostly "the regular guy". Cecile, i love York classes! I learn sooooo much
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i am afraid Karin has some critique i have to agree with: the positions should have been corrected, and somehow the teaching style is strange, lets say. In other classes i took, Cecile is not like this. But the whole approach, using "normal" men, is interesting, as the pilates field dominated by female clients, also the movements are fresh.
It was great! Found it easy to follow and for me that makes the workout..
Great class! Quick, challenging and to the point!
I loved the variety of exercises with the band. Got some great new ideas. Thanks.
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