Tower Workout
Tom McCook
Class 1093

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Wonderful exercise and wonderful teacher!!
This is the second time I took this class! I love all of your classes:) Thank you!!
Fun and challenging class! Since the PMA a few years ago, I was inspired by your cues and precision of movements! Thank you!
great class!
Thank you for your feedback. I'm very happy to hear you're enjoying this class. I wish you all the very best in your personal practice and teaching. Thank you Pilates Anytime!
I agree with Pele,great use of the time,wonderful use of the words, beautiful excercises.
Really appreciated
So many pieces to looooove....from supported rollbacks at beginning to rolling in and out at end. Also loved the variation to developes during side leg! Can't wait to share your genius
Loved this class and the cues. One of my favorites. Thank you Tom.
This was like one long exhale;) thank you Tom more and more please.
Genius! This is a wonderful class, such flow and grace!
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