Mat Workout
Nagi Takahashi
Class 1135

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Leslie, I like the word "unwind". I think moving precisely without being too complicated is important. The studio with the ocean in the back is just beautiful!
Meirav, thank you!
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Excellent class. I hold a ton of tension in my traps - they felt wonderfully loose at the end.
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A beautiful class. Thank you!
Marisa, a lot of people hold tension in their traps. Juliana who took the class also said her shoulders felt light after the class. You can do a few of the exercises everyday!
Jennifer, thank you! Hope to do more:)
really nice to look at! movements clean and precise! you are very good Nagi! thank you! :)
Great class! Thanks Nagi! I did this after coming home from teaching yoga, and it really helped me realign, and release some stiffness in my upper back. Awesome cuing too! I never had to look at the screen. Hope to see more classes from you soon
Melissa, thank you for liking!
I think precision is crucial in Pilates, so I like to cue clearly:)
Samantha, you teach yoga:)
I get stiff in my upper back when I teach too.
I'm happy my cueing was clear enough!
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