Tower Workout
Rachel Taylor Segel
Class 1148

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Really fun! Love the standing work!
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I watched this morning and went and shared some of these with clients in the studio...very fun and very effective....just wish I could pull that imagery that only Amy and Rachel are able to do! Thanks!
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Great series! Loved the military press sequence.
Love it! "invite the springs into your core". Thanks for the inspiration, Rachel!
Loved the class. I don't have a tower but bands and a door anchor at shoulder height work just fine.
Tried this exact set with some clients this week. They seemed to really like it and felt the benefit of it! Could see them thinking and learning as they were moving which is fun.
Love it - I tend to do a few of those at end of a class- Love turning it into 30 mins of focused attention! Lovely, precise cues without being in client's face - thanks so much:)
This class was SO crazy hard....loved it, I felt floaty after I walked away from the springs ;))
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Ahhhhh, yes, is nice to be manly indeed!!
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Great core workout but way too much talking.
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