Beginner to Intermediate Nat<br>Niedra Gabriel<br>Class 1151

Beginner to Intermediate Nat
Niedra Gabriel
Class 1151

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What an informative stepping stone on the pilates journey, Thank you,
Niedra Gabriel
You are both very welcome Calire and JC.
Glad you found this useful.
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Niedra, Thank you so much for this class! I am a new (6 months) instructor at the Y. I am certified through Balanced Body, and have taken Pilates for over 10 years. I am struggling with one class of VERY new people, and this will help immensely. I always have the feeling that I am talking too much, but after watching this one, I think it's justified.I feel you need to learn the correct way the first time!
Thank you!
Also , to add, I have been following and watching most of your previous classes, and love them all, but there is something special about this one!
Niedra Gabriel
Thank you Ginger, you sound like such a wonderful teacher, your care and desire is really the essence for teaching. Wishing you much fulfillment in your desire to share and give.
Excellent class , thank you . As a pilates instructor I found your level up grading very well explained ... Lots for me to keep in mind during my lessons...
Niedra Gabriel
Very glad to hear you are enjoying this class. I just looked at your personal info and was delighted to see you live in Geneva, I am currently in Austria hosting a pilates/yoga retreat and feel like you are in my "back yard" so to speak.
May being a teacher continue to bring you much joy.
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As a teacher, i learn so much from your classes. The time you take to explain the details of each level is very helpful and helps us to keep on track with our students. So thankful we have you as a tremendous resource. Thank you Niedra.
Your classes are always very detailed and focused. Although English is not my mother tongue I love the clearness of your speaking. Very helpful class. Thank you Niedra.
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