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Alan Herdman
Alan Herdman
Discussion 1157

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Great interview, I hope I get to meet him some day. So refreshing.....I rarely teach the 100 as well.
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I love the generosity that is shown here thanks for sharing! The greats of our community of "exercise" share and embrace the differences between our knowledge and experience, many of the "not so great" seem to judge and belittle others.
Joy! Love that Alan leads his life with heart. Great interview.
Fantastic. Cant' wait to spend the day with him and Reformer at Pilates on Tour in Chicago later this month
Interesting and profound statement Gaynor! If I haven't said it yet, I fell in love with Alan when I met him. I think his character is about as stellar as I could ever hope to achieve... and with him as an example, I will keep trying!
Thank you
Yeong Cheol C
this was a wonderful interview!
Fantastic to watch. As I was watching I am says to myself. "Yes,Yes, and Yes again". My mentor and training teacher and the studio owner I work for, Mr Paul Cini, Phyicalmind in Victoria Australia has connections to Alan's way of teaching Pilates. He has discussed Alan with me. I heard it through this discussion. This consolidates why I teach the Pilates Method the way I do. Thank you for a great interview. One day I will go to London and have to visit Alan's studio.
Thank you Jannine!
Thank you both for this interview. x
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