Prenatal Reformer Flow<br>Leah Stewart<br>Class 1183

Prenatal Reformer Flow
Leah Stewart
Class 1183

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Thank you for such great classes!! They are fun and restorative and I always feel so good during and after each one. This is my first pregnancy and I was worried about how I was going to continue feeling strong throughout, but after finding all your videos and taking your workshop I am excited and no longer worried. Thanks again.
Never mind for preggy ladies! I loved this class for myself! Leah its also really nice for anyone with tight hips. My clients loved it!
Wonderful classes Leah!! (just wanted to say I did give birth while on my side with Crystal and with a stability ball with Bryce. My midwife allowed me to move around and try all sorts of positions - it was a wonderful experience!)
I adore this class. My favorite part may have been the modification for pulling straps. ??
What a great class. Thank you for taking time from your pregnancy life to teach us.

thats is amazing class ,i stole some exercise and put in my class even they are not pregnant ,really enjoy your class
thanks xxx
I'm not pregnant and I LOVED This class! Can't wait to repeat it once preggy...
This is really awesome movement I’m not a mom but I have a few mom clients and I even want to do this just for me! Nice flow 
Rebecca H
I am so in love with the flows and creative moves in your pre natal classes Leah. They are incredibly helpful to keeping sessions fun and interesting for my intermediate pre natal client. Thank you for sharing.
That's some beautifull work! great modifications.
thank u.
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