First Time Session<br>Michele Larsson<br>Class 1185

First Time Session
Michele Larsson
Class 1185

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What a lovely session- such a wonderful teacher! She embodies gentleness, kindness, wisdom and humor: a recipe for learning with ease.
Yeong Cheol C
So great is the content. Thank you in Korea
I wanted to watch the video but a box pops up that says it is unavailable??
Thank you for a lovely "personal" training session. I will watch this many times because the cuing is wonderful for teaching beginners.
A fab class, very beautifully done, love the cueing. Thank you
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Rebecca ~ I am sorry you weren't able to watch this video. Try restarting you computer to clear away the processes that are running. If that doesn't work, you can email us at for other options.
In awe. This may have been a beginner's session but I learned a lot about my body doing it - and felt it deeply in my core throughout. Wonderful to see and so very helpful as I go in to teach a course to older beginners. The way that Michele teaches teaser is so much fun. Inspired by Michele's mat class, I now ask people to imagine that they are kids kicking their legs under a chair that is too high for them. Everyone loves the notorious Teaser now. Thank you so very much Michele and Pilates anytime.
I am often in awe of Michele as well and this class with Kacie is no exception.
Fantastic class! Michele, one of the best decisions made was to do your teacher training. I am so proud to be associated with you! I could watch you teaching again and again and never stop learning. Thanks so much!
I would like to have a teacher like these one for my self, I love this class. Thank you Michele a lot. In mi country , Ecuador, we don't have access to good qualify teachers.
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