Balance and Stability Mat<br>Karen Sanzo<br>Class 1229

Balance and Stability Mat
Karen Sanzo
Class 1229

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Super Class!
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Dear Karen, thanks for the great class, i especially liked the idea of ball on the head - how much difference such a small, easy exercise can make!!! LOVE how much attention you pay to the details and your detailed instructions!
Thank you Karen, what a gem of a fundamentals class. Using the ball and then lemon for support rather than to just keep reminding us of the corrections that need to be made in our bodies. Also love how you remind us to engage our minds, I have a studio full of middle aged women with various issues and conditions and some days those minds are not present.. thank you for such a kind example of cuing for this . :)
Karen Sanzo
I am so tickled to see more comments on this class. Thank you for your kind words. It's fun to really think HOW to break something down. Making it successful for all bodies.
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Hello Karen,
I love your style. Thank you for these very helpful detailed instructions.I will revisit you periodically!
Karen Sanzo
lulu, I am pleased you enjoy the classes. Keep visiting. It's good stuff!!
Vivienne W
Dear Karen
I am so loving these beginner series classes. I am an instructor and have learned so much from these classes to assist me in teaching the fundamentals with care and detail which will create such good understanding.
Thank you for sharing your knowledge.
Great cues for posture. balance; neck and chest awareness... thank you Karen
Christine Lamb
Loving this whole series Karen 
Excellent class! Love the ques, the emphasis to the details and that it is not rushed!
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