The Story Of My Song<br>Kathy Grant<br>Documentary 1247

The Story Of My Song
Kathy Grant
Documentary 1247

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So inspiring, thank you.
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Love every second and I am so touched. Thank you Cara and Kristi and all involved.
Beautifully done, Cara. Thank you!
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have posted this previously but it seems to have been posting is such a joy to watch.. what a lot of love and effort has gone into appreciated..
Thank you Cara! Thank you for this glimpse of Kathy Grant, for sharing her understanding of Pilates and her passion and love.
Cara! Loved it! So, so good. I wish I would have had the opportunity to meet her, but through you and this documentary, I think I did. Kudos on a job very well done!
I spend all sunday watching the pilates lagacy and I feel stronghly inspirate for my career as a pilates tearche.
thank you
Exceptional lady.
Friends. I am so happy to get these notes from all of you. My heart is full sharing this story and this legacy with you. Spread the word and thank you.
Beautifully done and really, really moving! Thank you for this, Cara!
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