Mat Workout
Courtney Miller
Class 1308

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Can hardly wait for morning to try it!
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This is stellar thank you Courtney!!! My body and my brain feel all warmed up for a challenging day. Keep up the beautiful work! More like this please! (:
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This is a perfect start to my day. Which includes baking for Thanksgiving. And w/a grateful heart, thank you, Courtney, for another awesome, class!
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This class is such a gift!!! Thank you so much--what a wonderful way to feel:)
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Just did this class-wow! Was literally dripping with sweat. Had to modify a couple of things to suit my body (swimming without weights) and take the odd break here n there but i loved Courtney's tone and energy. This is definitely not for those who aren't aware of pilates principles, alignment etc as there aren't so many cues and its fast. But it's a lot of fun!!! Am going to be sore tmrw fo sho
Thanks everyone! This Thanksgiving I am especially thankful to all of you at Pilates Anytime!
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I love the class...We don't have to use anything except weights.
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Thank you Courtney for another amazing class! Come back soon :)
Courtney, I assure you, we at Pilates Anytime are all grateful for you too!
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awesome class, spot on cueing... feel great!!
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