Reformer Workout
Meredith Rogers
Class 132

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Nice rapid pace with full body workout...liked psoas stretch variation. Chest expansion variation with rotation was interesting but a bit confusing for me...the exercise was subtle and challenging. Thank you!! Good workout!
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Good quickie! Those jumps really promote the burn in my thighs, quads!
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I agree - a really good quickie. Need to list it as a jumpboard class, tho.
Laura ~ Thank you for catching that. The Jump Board has been added as a prop. We're glad you enjoyed the class!
Thanks Laura!
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The Chariot/chest expansion was a fresh variation!
Glad you liked it, Carolyn. So happy to see that these older classes are still in the rotation!
This class was excellent! really enjoyed the cues for down stretch. I really felt it differently. Also, the oblique rotation, and the lat pull was awesome!! Meredith is such a great teacher and asset to the Pilates community!! Thank you :)
Thank YOU Heather! I love that people are still returning to the older classes. I appreciate your sweet words!
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