Deepen your Mat Practice<br>Shelly Power<br>Class 1324

Deepen your Mat Practice
Shelly Power
Class 1324

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Very powerful cues and rich vocabulary. Thank you!
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Loved it! Loved the cuing and the stretches before the leg circles. Its good to remember to send the femur into the hip socket circles go so smoothly this way. Loved the roll down at the end! I feel like I just had PT! Sore hip today so it really helped reorganize! Thank you!!
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I love this! Great cueing, unexpected thinking. Thank you!
Look forward to the next mat instalment Shelly!
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Fantastic class!! Excellent cueing, and I loved the little extra's in the classic excercices. I feel even more confident to see that I am not the only one breaking the rules . Enjoyed the roll up at the end of the class, leaving my hands on my sitbones gives me even more awareness of how the pelvis moves during this moment. Thank you so much for this class !
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What a great class,lots of tips for January! Thanks Shelly
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Thank you Shelly! Great class and lovely thoughtful way to finish 2013
Ann S
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This is the second time I've done this class and it's perfect for me...thanks again
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Thank you SO much for having Shelly Powers on PA!
I love this thoughtful approach to movement .
Please bring her back ! Thank you!

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