Control from your Center
Christi Idavoy
Class 1349

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Love Love Love the cues and the special attention to what the body is doing, I definitely want to watch more videos from Christi!
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Loved the class, would love it if you did a beginner series
Thanks Christi that was a beautiful class and you are an amazing teacher I love the way you cue the movements.
It was movement massage!
Did this class two days in a row. There were many gems that I got more of on the second day!
I also like this class, the cues are great, but I guess since you talk in such a floating way, you can not stop and ask for a better form when your students would need it. The lady in yellow had her elbow joints locked and her shoulders forward and up, when you did plank and swan and you looked at it, but didnĀ“t say anything! Sorry to critize but this surprised me!?
Thank you Christi, enjoyed your class... great to see other Polestar teachers
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This is exactly what I have been waiting for from PA. Agree with other commentator that I would love to see Christi do a series of beginners classes. There are just not enough level1/2 classes of this type with this great cueing!
Thank you everyone! I would love to teach a beginner's series! @Silke, you're absolutely right. There were mixed levels in the class and I could have broken the movement down more. With the pressure of the camera and the expectation of offering a flowing mat class I chose to keep moving. I really appreciate the feedback!
Lovely class just watched can't wait to do with your articulate cues guiding me. Have to comment about the attention to detail exquisite in every way!
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