Mat Music Flow<br>Michael King<br>Class 1354

Mat Music Flow
Michael King
Class 1354

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Theresa L
Liked the core stability image of "don't disturb the butterfly on the stomach" and the oyster exercise "cling wrap around the legs". Slow paced. Enjoyed the music and flow.
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Michael"s "instructions" feel more like an slow feel length...and yes, to discover the gluteals. I never would have imagined the relative ease with which he could woo me to extend both the legs and the arms in that side sliding/lying position. Thank you.
Thank you Joni, I am here teaching in Sofia Bulgaria in - 15 degrees so your comments have been a very nice surprise to my day !
Thank you Theresa, I love using my visuals when I am teaching !
Wow,I loved your class. Left me with such a wonderful feeling of being grounded, balanced both in mind and body, strong yet peaceful. Your choice of music completed the tone. Do you mind me asking what it was?
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Just further proof how worldwide your infuence Michael....I enjoyed the class in Guadalajara Mexico.
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I loved it and also I added to my favorit classes :) Thank you!
As always a fab Michael King class. Loved it and feel great now:) thank you.
Marta A
Love it
Thank you Michael. Always an inspiring, simple to follow (not so simple to perform!) class.
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