Back to Basics Reformer<br>Troy McCarty<br>Class 1371

Back to Basics Reformer
Troy McCarty
Class 1371

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Great workout with focused cues to ensuring correct positioning. Thank you.
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Loved it! So many gems in this one.
Hi Annie:
Thank you for watching. Hope you will catch some of my other classes on PA.
Hi Erika:
Thank you for your great comment. Cueing and positions are so important in a session. Thanks again for watching.
Loved this class Troy. You have such a great vibe about you...kind of zen surfer dude. Love it!
Hi Michelle:
I love to surf but I live in Cleveland but I still carry the zen of it all into my work and my practice. Thanks for watching. I have a few more on here I hope you get a chance to catch those also.
Peace and Pilates
I found you Troy ! Delicious 😋 session exactly what my body wanted ! Not too demanding on my lockdown bod but enough to feel it and a SAY hey I’m doing okay .
Hi Troy,  I found your class very helpful.  You provide so many great cues and ways to connect the body or find feedback in the move.  As a newer teacher (5 years) its still always nice to hear, why we are doing  a move, how to do it and make the best of it.  I really like the 60/40 on footwork and the feet in straps. 
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