Resilience & Suppleness Mat
Jennifer Golden
Class 1401

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There is so much in this class that I had to stop and just watch and listen.
I love how you reference from Return to Life.
You are an inspiration.
Hi Michaela! I'm so glad to hear you were inspired! You know, no matter how many different ways I explore the work, I can't help but love checking back in with Return to Life :)
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Extend the shins forward over the ankle :)))
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Thank you Jennifer for this wonderful, challenging and feel great class! I appreciate your energy and teaching style. Your cues were spot on magical, helping me go deeper into each exercise! Not to mention, I can breathe easier now after taking your class. A big boost for my sinus cold! Thanks again!
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Excellent class - nice and vigorous - great stretches - loved the plank to teaser series. Thank you.
Hi Sunni and Rena, thanks for letting me know you found some effective cues! It's always nice to know that my movement musings make sense to someone other than me!
Plank->Teaser->Plank, one of my fave's, Stacy. I'm glad you had fun!
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Just lovely! I so appreciate the richness of your approach, nuanced, incorporating multiple systems in our bodies. Beautifully fleshed out! And love the references to Irene Dowd. She intrigues me! :)
Hi Miriam, thanks so much for your encouraging comment :)
Follow your intrigue with Irene Dowd, too. She is full of gems and genius!
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