Resilience & Suppleness Mat
Jennifer Golden
Class 1401

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Wonderful! Thank you!
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I loved this class so much. Great workout and so Classical. Thank you, Jennifer. You're the sort of teacher I like!
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A little visit to reveals that there are more classes to be uploaded here at PA. How delightful. This was a class for body and spirit. Thank you.
This page tho needs some updating... you still only had 3 sons. ;
// ors.html
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nice job. ......
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Your cueing and explanations were awesome!! Great class!!
Joni, thank you so much for bringing that to my attention. Apparently when you google my name, my old website from 2010 comes up! Have to solve that one. If you just type in, you will see the current page. eeek...need a tech person pronto! And YES! there is more to come on PA, so glad you enjoyed the first one!
Yippee!!! JGZ is really here on PA!!!! Thank you Jennifer!
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great inspring class,
thnk you from Judith klein , holland
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Love! Love! Love the Animal Playfulness Factor!
Love your energy and the way you think!! I really enjoyed this class... so much I saved it to my favorites! Thank you for sharing!!
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