Hip and Back Pain
Brent Anderson
Workshop 1479

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This was great - I watched it with my husband who's a chiropractor and then we tried your techniques on me (I had similar back issues as Meredith) - success!
I am so glad you are having positive experiences with the class.
Thanks so much for this, Brent. Question: you helpfully explain that internal rotation drives the femoral head into the acetabulum, yet the next exercise on the cadillac appears to put Gia in external rotation (standing with the foot on the push-thru bar and moving in/out of hip flexion). Could you explain why she was in external rotation here instead of internal? Thank you!!
Hi Sabrina,
I am glad you enjoyed the workshop. The reason for doing the bone rhythm exs in external rotation really is about having access. We want to be able to work both IR and ER of the hip. I believe my comment on IR is that it does create a posterior glide when combined with flexion which is good for the seating of the femoral head into the acetabulum. Remember the hip is designed to move in all planes of movement. I hope that answered your question.
That's certainly helpful, Brent! I truly appreciate the breadth and depth of your workshops and hope to take some continuing ed courses w/ Polestar soon.
Always love watching Brent work.
Fabulous as always!! I wish however that there was a little more in the back pain section perhaps on herniated discs. I believe that we should stay within our scope of knowledge but perhaps with a few tools to keep it safe and flags to when to hand it over to someone more qualified... Neurological symptoms is there a way we could help? Thank you Brent I enjoy all of your teachings.
HI Francesca, I am so glad you enjoyed the workshop. We of course feel strongly about having the ability as a Pilates teacher to be able to assess and design safe protocols at Polestar. We have designed our entire education around this ability of a Pilates teacher to know when it is safe and not safe. I will take your consideration to heart on the next filming. In the meantime if you ever want to take an advanced course with Polestar regarding spine assessment and intervention, feel free to give us a call.
Thank you very much Brent for this amazing workshop! I am looking forward to the next one. Ready to soak up more information :)
I really enjoyed this workshop. With that said I would love to know more about how to help people with osteoporosis or other spinal issues where some of the movements you used are contraindicated. Thank you!!
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