Fletcher-Inspired Reformer<br>Amy Havens<br>Class 156

Fletcher-Inspired Reformer
Amy Havens
Class 156

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I look forward to another class soon!
I'm on it!! :)
love this class, taught a modified version as my pupils aren't quite as strong as these 2 but it worked beautifully and everyone loved it.
Hi Fahmida, glad to hear you were able to take some of this material and modify to meet your needs. Thanks for taking class!
Thanks Amy, I really loved the classical stuff, I don't teach much of it any more, but they loved and I really saw changes in them after the class...give us more please!!
More on the Fahmida....thanks for your encouragement!
Thoroughly enjoyed this class. Looking forward to more.
Thank you Jodie! I'll have another jumpboard class up on the site soon. It's a short one, 20 minutes or so, a nice little cardio blast with some great footwork patterns. I have a couple other regular Reformer sessions on the site as well. Thanks again Jodie!
Amy, please help...what am I doing wrong? When i am tall kneeling doing arms facing straps, i am fine, but when tall kneeling facing footbar, my knees are on fire. I have tried adjusting to no avail.
Hi Kerry, when facing the footbar up on high kneeling, your quadraceps and hip flexors could possibly be on more stretch, therefore you're feeling that down in the knees. Those muscles need elongation! Stick with it, but if it gets too unbearable, lower yourself down or sit on a box.
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