Mat to Improve Breathing<br>Madeline Black<br>Class 1570

Mat to Improve Breathing
Madeline Black
Class 1570

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Love love love your work Madeline! It was difficult for me to slow down, but I knew this class would be good for me. Now I'm ready for the day and also have wonderful things to try with my senior classes tmw.
Such a great class. Love Madeline's work.

Soft and subtle yet very effective. Thanks!
please can you explain a little bit more about the squats and the pelvic floor. While I understand the connection into the hips and pelvic floor, a deep squat can cause a lot of intra abdominal downward pressure on the pelvic floor, hence it is the optimum position for childbirth and for going to the toilet. I have known GP's advise against deep squats for incontinence and could also increase weakness of the pelvic floor. Should the squats be co-ordinated with the breath? Please could you share more as I really need to understand this. Many thanks
Erica V
Thank you for this class, very usefull, because being able to breath is the most important thing!
Love this class, really useful breathing Imagery, Nice active Dynamic pelvic floor work! Thanks Madeline, I will try my best to attend your Bali workshops this year!
heather did you get your answer re squats?
Madeline Black
Hi Heather and Heidi! Heather your understanding of the intra-abdominal pressure is accurate. Yes, if someone is incontinent, there is weakness of the pelvis/hips/core that needs to be strengthened in a different way then deep squats. Work towards developing the functional movement of squatting, pay attention to how the pelvis/hip joints/ sacral movement are coordinated with the subtle movements (micro movements such as sitz bones widening in the hip flexion phase) and definitely coordinate the breath. Hope this helps.
Great class! What is the author's name referenced at the end of the video? Thank you!
Madeline Black
Hi Heidi, at about 56 minute mark, I mention Lulu Sweigaard for the constructive rest position. I believe this is the author you are asking about?
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