Fast and Strong Mat<br>Niedra Gabriel<br>Class 1582

Fast and Strong Mat
Niedra Gabriel
Class 1582

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fab class.who says pilates isnt cardiovascular!
Niedra Gabriel
Yay Gaile, I am waving at you through cyber space. I agree, we can do it all with Pilates, lucky that we know ...
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Outstanding class. thanks so much.
Niedra Gabriel
Glad you enjoyed it Sherry, I like to get feed back including what you all like or want to see more of so I can film what you desire.
loved the flow - really kept me on the ball so to speak!
Lorie H
Enjoyed the rolling like a ball into teaser. Great way to practice teasers w/a variation. Thank you.
Great class Niedra. Superb pace and cues. Challenging. You look marvelous, we met at Balenbouche Estate a few years ago. Best wishes to you. Judy
Niedra Gabriel
How cool to meet like this Judy - amazing in fact. I was just in st Lucia this May, up north, teaching, and part of me will always stay on the island. Your bio sounds great, hope you are doing daily yoga and pilates, what an ideal dream! I have a similar one myself.
I really loved the class
Niedra Gabriel
Thank you Elena, enjoy.
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