Beginner Systems Group Class<br>Niedra Gabriel<br>Class 1613

Beginner Systems Group Class
Niedra Gabriel
Class 1613

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Love seeing real bodies in a "real time" class setting. Nice flow to the class. I loved that Niedra didn't just say all her lovely cueing, but would stop and put hands on and help correct form and alignment.
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Loved this class Niedra...I don't have a live pilates teacher anymore as mine is very pregnant and I live in a smallish town in no one else here that does reformer work. You are now my new teacher...your classes are so good to follow for those of us who have to do pilates from home....I would swear you are here in the room with me....your prompts are so great...I'm sure I'm doing the exercises correctly..Thank you so much for your amazing teaching style. More please!!
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I always learn so much from your cueing! I also loved the real bodies/class setting. Thank you Niedra. More L2 in this setting type would be awesome!!
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For me, it would be better to see one person from the side. It isn't as helpful as it might be just seeing people's backs. Good prompts, but I'm better with visuals as well.
Niedra Gabriel
Thank you ladies for your comments.
I am glad you found the life group class helpful.
Emjay - we struggled with how to set up to group for filming so will try to work out a side angle as well next time.
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Excellent! as always!

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Great class, but it felt more like a level 1 than a 1/2. Regardless, even though it was a bit slower of a pace for me, I learned some new things like maintaining my height in short box.
Niedra Gabriel
Thank you for your post Stacey, it is always a challenge to set a level for the class so I suppose there will always be grey boarder lines. If you got value from this speed anyway - then great.
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I also loved seeing a class with"real" participants. Although it is lovely to watch classes with perfect form we all know that this is not how it is in a studio setting. I noticed that there was no cueing on breathing. Just curious Niedra when do you start incorporating breathing into beginners sessions? I love your teaching style. Very clear and direct.
Niedra Gabriel
Hi Jenny, so glad you enjoyed this class. I don't focus a lot on breathing, especially not at the beginning as I consider the ribcage and spine too congested to allow for good breathing anyway and there is too much else to deal with . I know people strain but in my personal experience as the structure evolved breathing becomes easier to control and refine, so I include breath at the advanced level - straining is part of learning new material. Hope this answers your question.
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