Kathy Grant Abdominals
Maria Earle
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Maria, I loved your video! Your detailed explanations of how and why are valuable pieces of information, especially for me being a new teacher!! I love listening and learning all about first generation teachers and how they taught their students such as yourself. ….so thank you for sharing this, I look forward to seeing more of your videos….Please keep on "Blabbing" LOL!!
p.s. thank you to Pilates Anytime for this great Web site!
Learned a lot. Now, to put my boyfriend to work holding me down!
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Thank you, teacher!
I love this video! Really in depth precious information in small detailed pieces from the wonderful Kathy Grant through lovely Maria! In Dutch we say :" I was hanging on your lips, Maria". Give me more please! And...you didn't talked to much; I want you to talk even more! X Marjolein
By the way, the exercises are very very heavy. Those last ones are impossible to do on your own. Please say "yes" Maria.
Thanks for the insights into the teaching of Kathy. Hope you do more......
Maria - thanks for presenting this! Please do more videos!
I very much love Kathy Grant's work. This was great to learn more. Thanks!
Love this class. I can see that these small movements will make this workout full on.
Maria...I'm curious if the warm up always had students wearing the ankle weights? I'm thinking the weights added a sense of grounding for the legs and lower body? I really enjoyed your explanations of the exercises and a taste of what it was like learning from Kathy
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