Hips, Arms, and Deep Abs<br>Mariska Breland<br>Class 1729

Hips, Arms, and Deep Abs
Mariska Breland
Class 1729

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Thank you Mariska and Kaita. This was such a nice chair workout with many variations I had never seen before although I practice the chair a lot. I especially liked the tendon stretch variations.
Alex thank you! My two Wunda chair classes are probably my favorite classes of mine on PA! 
Finally attempted a level 3 today!  Loved the variations!  It was challenging but your teaching style got me through the "I am feeling that!"  Thank you!
Such a challenging class 
Any recommendations to do those piking exercises on grumpy wrists? Or ways to strengthen wrists to be able to do them eventually? Thanks great class to come back to def challenging and creative and different 
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I also love the ankle stability bit on the standing leg pull downs - def a weak link in the chain 
Elizabeth D generally, wrist issues come from one of two things - weakness or tightness or both (I guess that's three!) I used to have wrist issues and those went away completely when I started doing some pretty intense strength training exercises (which included pull-ups, which work on your grip strength, which works on your forearms), and handstands (which I still don't do well, but you start with wrist stretches and you do end up putting all of your body weight into your hands). I'm not sure which one was the one that worked... In the meantime while you can strengthen and stretch, if you can bring the heel of your to the edge of the chair and wrap your fingers around the side (and be active with holding on so your grip is working in addition to "resting" weight in your wrists), that might help. Good luck and tell me how it goes!
Caroline B
Great class, great cuing thanks!
Oh my goodness, that was great! love your classes!

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