Mat Workout<br>Meredith Rogers<br>Class 1792

Mat Workout
Meredith Rogers
Class 1792

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Great! I felt flatter and longer after doing this. It's going into my fave queue. I have done the first 13 minutes 3 times now. It's great ab work!
Great class! Exactly what my back needed. Got all the kinks out:) thank you!
Thanks ladies! The spine corrector is one of my very favorite places to work.
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AMAZING! I feel wonderful after this class! It's gone to my favorites for sure :)
Thanks, Gail. Great to hear!
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Meredith, this class felt so great! Would you mind doing more on the spine corrector??.? You have such a gift!
Thanks Nicole. I won't film again until next month and then it will take quite a while for new classes to upload. I promise to try to create a new spine corrector class. In the meantime, there are already quite a few to choose from. Thank you for taking class with me. :)
Kim W
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This class made me happy! Love spine corrector. And did it all on the Pilates Arc, so it works well for both.
Yea, Kim! Way to be creative. Any arc like surface will do in a pinch... ;) Thanks for taking class with me.
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This is only my second sign correct her class ever… And I loved it. I feel so much better after doing this. In fact I didn't realize how tired I was in the upper body until that side lying series. Thank you for a wonderful class.
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