Exploring the Hip Joint<br>Shelly Power<br>Tutorial 1801

Exploring the Hip Joint
Shelly Power
Tutorial 1801

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Great information, thanks Shelly!!!
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Thanks Petra. Glad it helped.
Thanks Shelly, you are always illuminating!
Thanks Shelly, you are always illuminating!
This was very helpful. Would love to have more short tutorials like this.
Thank you so much Shelly!
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I really enjoy these 10 minute tutorials. Very helpful. Love catching a mini lecture when I have a limited amount of time to sit down.
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This was good. I wished there were some closeups of the hip joint on the table to get a better understanding of the topic.
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Great tutorial any chance of the same idea looking at some shoulder questions .
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This was perfect....I second steven wright's suggestion....let's talk shoulder...then more hip!
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