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Rebekah Rotstein
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Thank you everyone! Denise, this is not a workout for those with osteoporosis due to all the twisting and included flexion - I like to also offer classes and workshops on other topics beyond bone health since my experience actually relates to a variety of scientific and movement modalities. That said, I am no longer in the osteoporosis classification as I have improved by bone density since my diagnosis 10 years ago, and my medical history differs me from a postmenopausal woman with a different background, so you see me performing movements that I would not advocate for the average person with osteooporosis. That said, watch the video closely and you'll notice that I don't perform the *loaded* flexion exercises of rolling onto the upper back - I just cue everyone else to. ;) It's my method of staying within a safe framework for my own body while continuing to lead the flow of a class for others!
Thank you Rebekah for the reply. And I am glad your classification is back to normal. I have seen you on Pilates Anytime doing “normal” classes and wondering why you would do that to your bones, but now I know. I am aware of the osteoporosis protocols, but guess I was wondering more about your bone health. I am a Buff Bones instructor so I was curious about your routines, which is why I was wondering if there was new info out there that I was not apprised of. Thanks again for the reply and congrats… you and your bones must be very happy!
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Lovely! As a modern dancer I love the inclusion of the x-roll into swan....yay!
Very creative. Wish I could have seen some of the moving exercises a little better. You completed them so fast that sometimes it was hard to tell which arm was moving with which leg. Otherwise, it was a great workout!
Thank you. This was a really nice paced class providing a challenge but also providing a great warm up of the spine, joints and tissue. I will defiantly be using the hip joint rotation with many students. They are fabulous. I love doing the same movements but with different muscle focuses. Teaches us so much about how the body moves. Thank you Rebekah and PA!
Absolutely gorgeous and it looks effortless, but alas is it NOT! Thank you - planning to share!
I really enjoyed the creativity and generous inclusion of rotation. Thank you Rebecca.
Really nice! But please: I like the vídeo in Spanish!!!
Thank you, Rebekah. I love your classes very much.
Mil gracias Beatriz - a ver si Pilates Anytime puede hacerlo asi!
Very creative and interesting class, my only complaint is that there were too few reps, I stopped the video a lot to watch and repeat moves, many were so different, which is great, just wish it was a longer class. Hope to see more of you on PA. Thanks
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