Open Leg Rocker<br>Michael F. & Ton V.<br>Tutorial 1836

Open Leg Rocker
Michael F. & Ton V.
Tutorial 1836

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I admire and enjoy the casual calmness, the precision and lightness of these two youthfulness have kept instructors - stimulating fresh!

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Questo tutorial e' meraviglioso .
Nothing is missing : focus, props, history, tips...
Hoping is going to continue ...??

Looking for proper photo credit on this one... anyone know?
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So much fun and yet helpful too.
Jennifer W
Very useful! Excellent rocking Erin!
Monica said it all, Michael and Ton, you are awesome!! And, of course, Erin!! So many open leg rockers with such precision ...
I love Ton and Michael's teaching...I've just done a triadball workshop with them and it was amazing! Fantastic and enthusiastic teachers - thank you!
Thanks Ton, Michael & Erin - very helpful info
Thank you ! Clear , precise and complete!
Great variations :) thanks for the fun video!
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