Open Leg Rocker
Michael F. & Ton V.
Tutorial 1836

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I admire and enjoy the casual calmness, the precision and lightness of these two youthfulness have kept instructors - stimulating fresh!

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Questo tutorial e' meraviglioso .
Nothing is missing : focus, props, history, tips...
Hoping is going to continue ...??

Looking for proper photo credit on this one... anyone know?
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So much fun and yet helpful too.
Very useful! Excellent rocking Erin!
Monica said it all, Michael and Ton, you are awesome!! And, of course, Erin!! So many open leg rockers with such precision ...
I love Ton and Michael's teaching...I've just done a triadball workshop with them and it was amazing! Fantastic and enthusiastic teachers - thank you!
Thanks Ton, Michael & Erin - very helpful info
Thank you ! Clear , precise and complete!
Great variations :) thanks for the fun video!
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