Mat Workout
Meredith Rogers
Class 184

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Great fun class- Meredith! Love working with the stretch bands.Hope you will do more classes using stretch bands.
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My body LOVED this class. The stretch band was such a fantastic addition, and the pace was perfect. I agree with Elaine: more please!
THANKS LADIES! Always great to hear what you enjoy! Keep up the good work!
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Love how Meredith always seems to include the all important upper back extensor work into her classes. Love it! Thank you once again for a great class.
Thanks Karen. Back extensor work IS so important and often ignored in life. Thanks for playing.
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Loved it !
Perfect just the class I was needing to do and it was excellent , feeling all stretched out. Thanks.....Marathon legs are feeling less tight.
Thanks for taking class, Candace!
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This was the perfect class after a long day at work! Her classes are so easy to follow.
Thank you Valerie!
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