Tower Workout
Tash Barnard
Class 1890

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Tash! First day back home. You just left Turkey. You are still right beside me! Loved the class. Matthieu popped his head in, looked at me and screamed: You are awesome! Can't wait for your other classes.
Love seeing more tower classes!!! Hope to see some more Reformer/Tower Combos. Great class Tash!!
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Oh, very nice Tower class, I can not wait to teach a few of these to my class!
I've just experienced some Pilates magic, again : started this class with a sciatica-type pain, never felt it through the exercises, and now, ... well, i feel i couldn't get it back even if i tried !! Loved the Basi warmup with the PT bar, and the side lift with the RU bar, and everything else really. And the lovely flow of it all. Many many thanks to you, Tash, and to PA, as usual :))
Loved this....and your accent made it even better! Especially loved the extra stretch in prancing, the balance work with arm springs, monkey-both ways, standing cat stretch with hip extensor work..,,thank you tash and thank you PA xoxo
Fantastic class! Worked everything seamlessly. Thank you:)
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Delicious workout and especially pleased you previewed the springs/setup prior to workout. Look forward to more tower with you.
I loved this workout!
Thank you! Love the variation on Monkey.
Awesome enthusiasm and flow!
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